Music Matters

Since its inception in 2012, Music Matters has programmed innovative American musicians in dozens of countries including Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq.

HDI works with the U.S. Department of State on cultural diplomacy worldwide through music and the performing arts. Special emphasis is placed on the mandate of the State Department’s Bureau of Cultural and Education Affairs to reach disenfranchised audiences in non-traditional venues. In circumstances where the principal relationship between the United States and a foreign country is political engagement, creating artistic and musical exchanges are good ways to open doors to new forms of dialogue and communication.

These programs are designed to engage citizens in other countries who might otherwise not be granted the opportunities of expressing themselves freely through speech, film and music.

HDI has programmed American performers in more than 30 countries. These artists represent every genre of American music.

While traveling overseas on behalf of HDI, these American artists tour these countries, perform, meet fellow artists, and discuss artistic freedom and expression. Performances reach far beyond traditional venues to extend to war zones, prisons, detention and rehabilitation centers and refugee camps. Artists also speak out on different issues related to their own experiences. They not only entertain but they also engage local populations through lectures and master classes. In addition, artists are engaging in music that will raise funds and awareness for programs established to bring musicians to America to have the opportunity to work with mentors on their songwriting and learn about American music publishing.

Recent Programs