Congressional Delegations to the U.N. and Worldwide

Since its founding in 1998, HDI has strived to foster dialogue between the United States Congress and the United Nations by arranging for Senators, Members of the House of Representatives, and Congressional staff to travel to the United Nations to meet and discuss global issues with United Nations officials. HDI is one of the few NGOs which consistently brings together the leadership of the legislative branch of the United States government and the leadership of the United Nations.

Over the course of fifty-two programs, HDI has hosted over 550 Members of Congress, Senators, and staff at the United Nations where they have met with the United Nations Secretary- General, other senior officials, and dozens of Ambassadors accredited to the United Nations. These programs allow U.S. leaders and their staffs to better understand how the work of the United Nations can complement U.S. foreign policy objectives and allow them to present ideas, concerns, and proposals directly to the United Nations.

HDI has also organized U.S. Congressional delegations to more than 30 countries. This has allowed senior officials to interact with the highest level of government, other national stakeholders including academic, business and cultural leaders as well as with the international community in country.