HDI Cultural Envoy Maya Azucena Presents Virtually for U.S. Embassy Ljubljana

The Humpty Dumpty Institute (HDI) works around the world to inform and foster dialogue amongst critical stakeholders on key global issues. We do this through our programs with the U.S. Congress and the United Nations, engaging young people, supporting cultural diplomacy, and working on humanitarian programs. HDI is committed to supporting cultural diplomacy to promote dialogue. We collaborate with U.S. Embassies and Consulates to bring American culture, including sports. to countries worldwide.

On November 9, 2022, HDI Cultural Envoy Maya Azucena gave an On-Line concert and presentation, which was hosted by U.S. Embassy Ljubljana. Maya Azucena is an internationally known Jazz/Pop singer, songwriter, and advocate.  Maya’s concerts are always electrifying and she uses these events to campaign against gender violence and to promote women’s empowerment.

We would like to thank the Public Affairs Sections of the U.S. Embassy in Slovenia for sponsoring this American arts program.