The Humpty Dumpty Institute Delivers Vital Medicines to Myanmar (Burma)

The Humpty Dumpty Institute is pleased to announce the delivery of $250,000 worth of vital medicines to the beleaguered State of Kachin in northern Myanmar (Burma). The medicines, donated by HDI Board Member Walter Arbib, have been distributed to the Kachin State Hospital and to a number of other medical organizations in and around Myitkyina, Kachin’s capital. The handover ceremony was officiated over by Mr Lajon Ngan Seng, Chief Minister of Kachin State and attended by six members of the State Cabinet; the Head of the State Department of Health; Dr. Zaw Min, HDI’s Country Representative in Burma; and representatives of the health posts and hospitals that will benefit from the medicines.

The medicines, including antibiotics, anesthetics, and vitamins, among other medications, were delivered to the Kachin State Hospital, as well as clinics in Bamo, Mohnyin, Puta-O and the Roman Catholic Church Clinic in Kachin State to be used for patients suffering from bacterial infections (such as respiratory, urinary tract, and abdominal infections), heart conditions, gastrointestinal disorders, allergic reactions, typhoid, bacterial meningitis, and epilepsy, among other medical conditions. The medicines are drawn from the Essential Medicines List developed by the World Health Organization to meet the minimum needs of basic health‐care systems.

Walter Arbib, a Canadian philanthropist with strong ties to Israel, Libya and Italy, has been sending similar shipments of medicines to countries all over the world over the past five years. Mr. Arbib said that “In many developing nations a little medicine can go a long, long, way. There is so much work to do in a nation like Myanmar which has been closed off to the West for such a long time. I am very pleased to provide this medicine to the people of Kachin and to supplement HDI’s other humanitarian efforts in Myanmar.”

Chief Minister Lajon Ngan Seng added that, “The government and people of Kachin State are very grateful for the donation of these crucial medicines, which are very badly needed by hospitals and clinics. The people of Kachin are very grateful to the Humpty Dumpty Institute for making this generous donation possible.”

Humpty Dumpty Insitute, Mushrooms with a MissionRalph L. Cwerman, the President of HDI, said “The Humpty Dumpty Institute is committed to assisting the people of Myanmar and especially the people of Kachin State in the North. Kachin State is one of the most challenging areas to work in the entire country and where the need for help is greatest. We greatly value our partnership with the government of Kachin State and the work we have been able to accomplish over the past two years. This contribution of medicines will have a great impact on the health of those in need in Kachin State.”