We worked in the following countries: Sri Lanka: Post Tsunami Assistance

The Humpty Dumpty Institute implemented a Post Tsunami Assistance program in Sri Lanka to help families that felt the effects of the disaster by providing education, medical and public health, and water and sanitation services. Funded by the Red Cross Society of the Republic of China (Taiwan), the One Sri Lanka Foundation, and People to People International, The Humpty Dumpty Institute managed a multi-year project to provide 10,000 children and mothers in 14 communities in Batticaloa and the Jaffna District, with pre and post-natal medical care, vaccinations against serious diseases, and medical care for ear, nose, throat and eye disorders as well as psychological treatment for post-tsunami stress disorders.

In addition, educational programs and facility construction and rehabilitation were major components of the project. Training programs on basic hygiene and nutrition to mothers to educate them to utilize local foods to prepare balanced meals took place alongside non-formal literacy education activities for children. Construction of potable water systems, latrines and health clinics was another element of the project, replacing those destroyed in the disaster.

The Humpty Dumpty Institute, together with its partners, the Eastern Self-Reliant Community Awakening Organization (ESCO) and the Human Development Center (HUDEC) and local government officials, were committed to providing sustainable health and educational programs that empowered the communities in which The Humpty Dumpty Institute worked.