In 2005, HDI monetized 500MT of powdered milk through USDA’s 416(b), raising $770,000 to clear landmines from major roadways in central Angola. Over the course of the project, landmines were removed from 350 km of arterial roads (distance between Washington, DC and New York City). As a result of HDI’s program 15,000 sqm of densely-mined land was cleared of mines around bridges, markets, farms and houses situated along selected roadways. The project allowed 200,000 people safe access to central markets and provincial highways for. Villagers were then able to safely get water, access farmland, send children to school, and transport produce to market hubs. Mine-free roadways expanded internal commerce and traffic. Demined roads allowed humanitarian organizations and international NGOs to deliver food.  The project was successfully completed in November 2005.

Our Final Report: