HDI’s Sports Diplomacy Program in the Dominican Republic November 15-25, 2022 – Building Confidence and Self-esteem Through Boxing

HDI sports envoys Tibor Juhasz, Lennox Blackmoore, Ronnica Jeffrey and Jenna Gaglioti with Dominican participants.

The Humpty Dumpty Institute (HDI) works around the world to inform and foster dialogue amongst critical stakeholders on key global issues. We do this through our programs with the U.S. Congress and the United Nations, engaging young people, supporting cultural and sports diplomacy, and working on humanitarian programs. HDI employs sports diplomacy to promote dialogue. We collaborate with U.S. Embassies and Consulates to bring American culture and sports to countries worldwide.      

HDI is committed to advancing U.S. foreign policy goals, including creating strong people-to-people ties between Americans and our neighbors in the Caribbean. From November 15-November 23, 2022, HDI organized a sports diplomacy program focused on boxing to strengthen U.S.-Dominican partnerships, engage underserved youth, and help combat gender-based violence. HDI’s partner in the Dominican Republic was Juega Como Campeon (JCC).

Professional/Olympic Boxing is one of the most popular sports in the world; the United States became the center of boxing in the 20th century. Of all sports, boxing is the most physically demanding. It requires a blend of power and quickness combined with overall conditioning.  It is also designed to get the individual in shape and feel more confident and optimizes mental and physical strength. Boxing is an expanding sport in the Dominican Republic that has produced exceptionally talented boxers over the years, including heavyweights, light heavyweights, cruiserweights, featherweights, and flyweights.

HDI’s Boxing Team is composed of four experienced U.S. Boxing Fighters/Trainers. The lead trainer is Mr. Lennox Blackmoore, a world-famous boxing coach from the internationally known boxing club, Gleason’s Gym.  He is assisted by Tibor Juhasz, who was a member of the Hungarian National Boxing Team in the early 2000s before immigrating to the United States, and by respected female trainers Jenna Gaglioti and Ronica Jeffrey. The HDI/Juega Como Campeon Boxing Clinics were held in the Dominican cities of Santo Domingo, Puerto Plata, and Santiago.  In addition to boxing training, each of the clinics included classes that reviewed the biographies, boxing styles, and training of the greatest boxers in history. Classes also included lessons on the moral responsibility, self-control, and discipline that the sport requires.  An important aspect of the program was its advocacy against gender-based violence.

HDI would like to thank the Public Affairs Sections of U.S. Embassy Santo Domingo for sponsoring this American sports diplomacy program and for its invaluable assistance.


HDI sports envoy Jenna Gaglioti with participants