John Sandy


Mr. John Sandy is a civic and business leader in the State of Idaho and Washington D.C. Mr. Sandy served as Chief of Staff to U.S. Senator James Risch from 2009 until 2020 and was Senator Risch’s senior policy advisor.

Prior to joining Senator Risch at the U.S. Senate, Mr. Sandy was Chief of Staff to the Governor of Idaho in Boise and served in the Idaho State Senate. In addition, Mr. Sandy is one of the leading businessmen and political leaders in Idaho. He was the Chairman of the Idaho Republican Party, Chairman of the Idaho Bond Bank, and Co-owner of the Trout Co-Hydroelectric Plant and the Owner-Manager of Habitat Holdings LLC. Mr. Sandy currently serves on the U.S. Global leadership Coalition Advisory Committee.

John Sandy is a respected conservationist in Idaho working to protect local habitat and animal species. His work in preserving the pristine environment of Idaho has been recognized. He has been awarded “Man of the Year” from the University of Idaho Aqua-culture Research Institute and “Clean Idaho Guardian” for defending clean-up and removal of nuclear waste from Idaho.

Mr. Sandy attended the University of Idaho where he received a Bachelor of Science Agriculture. He also received accreditation from the PSA-Harvard Negotiation Program and as an Advanced Practitioner from Neuro Linguistic of Utah.