Adelphi University Blogs – United Nations Intensive

Adelphi Summer IntensiveWritten by Karla Hernandez, LGS ’16

The United Nations Intensive Program was an experience that I believe all Levermore Global Scholars’ students should get the chance to partake in. As LGS students, most of us have a natural curiosity about the role that the United Nations plays in current global issues.

Participating in the UN Intensive, CJ Thomson and I were able to learn about what it means to work for the United Nations, and how they tackle problems through various projects and missions.

We attended several briefings with the UN Department of Public Information, the State Department, and other UN-affiliated young professionals. We also got to learn about networking, which is an essential skill to develop as young individuals on the cusp of entering the work force.

Adelphi Summer IntensiveAll of the briefings were relevant to what we hope to gain as Levermore Global Scholars: global leadership skills that serve to enhance our talents and interests, so that we are able to apply them to our careers.

I definitely encourage all LGS students to apply for this program in the future so that they can see how their career interests and natural gifts can work in tandem with UN jobs!



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