HDI Shows U.N. Diplomats “Music City, U.S.A.” in Nashville, Tennessee

December 9-11

The Humpty Dumpty Institute brought U.N. diplomats from Kazakhstan, Croatia, Afghanistan, Peru, and Burundi for a uniquely American experience, a visit to the Country Western Music Capital of the United States, Nashville, Tennessee (see photos).

On their first day in Tennessee, the group travelled from Nashville to Lynchburg and were welcomed by the Director and staff of the Jack Daniels Distillery. The diplomats toured the facility and learned the history of one of America’s most well known exports. That afternoon the group visited a temple of American music, the Country Music Hall of Fame. Our foreign visitors were given a tour of the immense facility and were introduced to the vibrant and all-American art form of Country Western music.

On the evening of December 10, we had the opportunity to have dinner with professors and students from Tennessee State University and Vanderbilt University. Discussions were animated with topics ranging from America’s involvement in Iraq to sustainable development in Africa. After an intellectually demanding evening, the group needed some fun; thus, off to the “Stage on Broadway” where everyone enjoyed the terrific country music of Travis Birch.

On December 11, the State of Tennessee gave us a warm official welcome. Touring the oldest state capital building in the United States, the visiting delegation was amazed at the richness of the history of a state which none of them had a previous opportunity to visit. Tennessee Governor Phil Bredesen graciously greeted us and discussed with the U.N. diplomats the value of constructive international dialog and the growing importance of international trade for the State of Tennessee.

The final event of the trip was a lunch hosted by the Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development. Contacts were made and information exchanged. We expect to soon see the beginnings of greater interaction between the State of Tennessee and Kazakhstan, Croatia, Afghanistan, Peru, and Burundi as the result of another successful HDI “U.N. Across America Program”.