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Chicken Soup for the Soul

Why Chicken Soup for the Soul is Proud to Support Humpty Dumpty?We all know that there are many wonderful organizations that work to solve the world's problems. For years Chicken Soup for the Soul has been supporting a variety of these organizations through its' books and by sharing profits with them, and continue to do so.

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Congressional Delegations

Our Commitment to AnimalsThe Humpty Dumpty Institute has a long history of working to protect the health and well-being of animals around the world. The Humpty Dumpty Institute works closely with shelter and rescue organizations to help provide food, safe environments and loving homes to at-risk cats and dogs. We also work with conservation programs that bring resources, such as clean water, for people and animals in developing nations. Through our partnership with our sponsor, Chicken Soup for the Soul, we have helped provide tens of thousands of pounds of food, as well as financial support, for many pet-related charitable initiatives across the United States.

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Higher Education Alliance

Breakfast at SchoolThe Breakfast at School program will receive $22.00 in matching funds for every dollar raised. In other words, for every $250,000 donated, $5.5 million will go to ending childhood hunger. Your donation and the matching grants work together to cover 100% of the food cost, training for staff and all equipment reqiured for the cost. Breakfast at School, an independent program of The Humpty Dumpty Institute.

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