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Breakfast at School

Breakfast at SchoolDid you have breakfast today?

16.1 Million American children did not.

Bobby’s Breakfast is part of the Breakfast at School Program. One in six children do not know where their next meal is coming from, but you can help. Join us in making sure that every child in America has breakfast.

The Breakfast at School program will receive $22.00 in matching funds for every dollar raised. In other words, for every $250,000 donated, $5.5 million will go to ending childhood hunger. Your donation and the matching grants work together to cover 100% of the food cost, training for staff and all equipment reqiured for the cost. Breakfast at School, an independent program of The Humpty Dumpty Institute.

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Hi Everyone,

It's Kiefer Sutherland here.

I wanted to do something unique and fun to give back this holiday season, so I have decided to team up with a program that is working to ensure every child in America has a free, healthy breakfast. One in six children in America do not know where their next meal is coming from. That is simply not acceptable. This critical BREAKFAST AT SCHOOL PROGRAM which we call Bobby’s Breakfast is an initiative of The Humpty Dumpty Institute’s and has been put in place to ensure every child in America has breakfast.

So here's how we can work together...if you help me give back, you could win a trip to LA, where I will take you out for a night you will never forget...if you dare!! We'll meet at an ATM machine at a secret location that will be disclosed to you when the time comes. Who knows what will happen next? Just be prepared - anything could happen.

You can donate even just $5 to end childhood hunger for your chance to win, and the prize will include hotel and roundtrip flights for you and a friend from anywhere in the world. Every dollar donated will have a $22 match. So if you donate $5, there will be a match of $110, and your total contribution to the program will actually be $115!

Donate more to increase your impact, your chances of winning, and to get some great guaranteed rewards including signed photos, posters and 24 DVD sets. Check out some of these options below.

I'll see one of you soon.

But you better hurry... time is ticking.