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The Humpty Dumpty Institute Receives Funding from the Government of Japan in Support of its “Mushrooms with a Mission” Program in Vietnam

August 16, 2012 - For Immediate Release

New York—August 16, 2012—The Humpty Dumpty Institute is pleased to announce that it has received a grant in the amount of $123,000 from the Government of Japan in support of its “Mushrooms with a Mission” (MwM) program in Quang Tri Province, Vietnam. On August 10, in Hanoi, Hideo Suzuki, Charge d’Affaires ad interim of the Japanese Embassy, and Jeanne Samuel, HDI Country Director for Vietnam, cemented the new partnership under the framework of Japan’s Grassroots Grant Assistance program (FY2012). This funding will allow HDI to purchase state of the art mushroom production equipment for the MwM Mushroom Center in Quang Tri including steam boxes, mushroom driers and HEPA filters. This in turn will enable HDI and its local implementing partner Project RENEW to substantially increase the production of mushroom spawn bags at the facility for use by the MwM farmers in Quang Tri Province. The Japanese funded equipment will play a very important role as the program expands to more farmers in the area and is a significant contribution to the sustainability of mushroom farming in the region.

“Mushrooms with a Mission” empowers landmine survivors by providing them with the tools and knowledge necessary to grow, market, and sell mushrooms and earn extra income to provide for their families. Mushroom growing is an ideal livelihoods activity for disabled survivors of UXO accidents. The program also benefits female heads of households, ethnic minorities, and families living below the poverty line.

Ralph L. Cwerman, President of HDI, thanked the Embassy and Government of Japan and said that “Japan’s contribution to the MwM Program in Vietnam is very significant. For many years, Japan has been a critical leader in the battle against landmines and UXO worldwide. Japan has also made enormous investments in countries and NGOs around the world to assist landmine survivors and to educate populations around the world about the dangers of landmines and UXO. With this funding HDI and Project RENEW enthusiastically welcome Japan as a strong supporter of this unique MwM program. Other major donors of this program include Vietnam, the Republic of China, and the United States.”

Mr. Suzuki said “that the MwM program highlights the importance of helping the survivors by integrating them into the community, respecting their dignity and making them stakeholders in the socio-economic development of Vietnam”. Mr. Suzuki also said the MwM Project “embodies the idea of ‘Human Society’, a uniquely Japanese concept that the Government introduced internationally and is now shared and accepted globally. Building a ‘Human Society’ means empowering every member of the community and protecting the fundamental freedom of all human beings. Without men and women who can stand alone, there is simply no sustainable community. And without a sustainable community, there is no balanced development of a national territory.”

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