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June 13, 2016 – July 29, 2016

The Humpty Dumpty Institute’s Summer Internship Program at various UN missions and NGOs affiliated with the United Nations is a six week-long internship program that gives graduate and advanced undergraduate students the opportunity to gain experience and develop skills to serve them in the pursuit of international careers. The Institute is one of only a handful of organizations around the nation that offer this type of internship.

The majority of these unpaid internships will be in New York City. Students will be required to follow the rules specified by each internship provider. Every intern will be evaluated by their HDI internship supervisor. Evaluations will then be submitted to HDI to review during the six week period. Students will also be held to a strict code of conduct during the course of their internship. All participants will be presented with a Certificate of Internship Completion at the end of the program and be granted the option to receive with a letter of recommendation based on their performance during the internship. The internships are unpaid but course credit is available, if offered and in coordination with the intern’s academic institution. Students are responsible for covering the cost of their own accommodations during the duration of the internship

General Requirements:

  • All students must submit a resume, statement of purpose and writing sample.
  • One letter of recommendation from the academic institution applying from.
  • Have demonstrated an interest in international relations, political science, public relations or a related field.
  • In general, most applicants must currently be a student at one of the Higher Education Alliance Member institutions. However, occasionally we will make exceptions to this rule and allow students who are not part of an HEA program to participate.

Internships Available

  • The Mission of Dominican Republic to the United Nations, Location: New York City.  Fluency in Spanish required.
  • The Mission of El Salvador to the United Nations, Location: New York City.  Fluency in Spanish required
  • The Mission of Rwanda to the United Nations, Location: New York City
  • The Mission of Jamaica to the United Nations, Location: New York City
  • United Nations Global Partnerships Office, Location:  New York City
  • The Humpty Dumpty Institute, Location: New York City
  • The World Health Organization Roll Back Malaria Program, Location: New York City
    • Required: Students must at least be entering their Senior year of study at an undergraduate institution.
    • Recommended: Public Health and/or Communications Majors. This internship will be working to support the External Communications team on special advocacy events and strategic communications initiatives.

More UN Missions and organizations will be added as we get closer to the Internship Program.

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For information on how your school can join the HEA, please contact Steve Ginther at 1-212-944-7111 or steve.ginther@thehdi.org