Our Mission


Healthcare, Mobile Medical Clinic

Providing Critical Medicines
to Vulnerable Communities

One of Humpty Dumpty’s best humanitarian programs is its ongoing and open-ended program that provides shipments of critical medicines to communities and hospitals around the developing world. Through a special relationship with Canadian philanthropist Walter Arbib and his son, Stephen Arbib, the Institute has created a dependable system of shipping critical medicines to countries in need. In 2015 HDI delivered these medicines, contributed by Walter and Stephen Arbib, to Myanmar, Nepal, Somalia, and Mozambique. The collective red-book dollar value of these medicines totaled nearly $2 million USD. HDI is able to expedite the delivery of these medicines by working with a European-based pharmaceutical company and is able to secure the medicine at a deep discount.

The idea of organizing the shipments of these medicines fits in perfectly with HDI’s well established pattern of delivering critical humanitarian aid to populations around the world made vulnerable by local conflicts or natural disasters. HDI’s commitment to help those in need in a quick and timely manner remains strong.

The medicine shipments typically include antibiotics, anesthetics, and vitamins, among other medications and HDI is able to deliver these packages duty free. The medicines are used for patients suffering from bacterial infections (such as respiratory, urinary tract, and abdominal infections), heart conditions, gastrointestinal disorders, allergic reactions, typhoid, bacterial meningitis, and epilepsy, among other medical conditions. The medicines are drawn from the Essential Medicines List developed by the World Health Organization to meet the minimum needs of basic health‐care systems. The Humpty Dumpty Institute plans on continuing and even expanding the list of recipient countries and continuing to provide these medicines to communities in need all over the world.