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Cultural Diplomacy

Cultural Diplomacy

International Film Exchange

The International Film Exchange (IFE) brings young filmmakers from around the world to Hollywood and assists them in developing the technical and creative tools needed to document important social issues in their countries of origin. The IFE serves two purposes: 1) to provide training for young filmmakers and organize outlets for their films, and 2) to raise awareness in the U.S. film industry about important social issues and the struggles of young international filmmakers around the world. Participants include producers, directors, writers, cinematographers and actors.

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Music Matters

Music MattersInternational Music Exchange. The Humpty Dumpty Institute works with the U.S. State Department and International Embassies to extend Cultural Diplomacy worldwide through music and film. In circumstances where our fundamental relationship with a foreign country is political engagement, creating artistic and musical exchanges are good ways to open doors to new forms of dialogue and communication...

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